​​​​​​​A Sustainable Path to Progress


Climate change is the greatest challenge facing mankind today and sustainability in everything we do is paramount. At De Lune Energy, we understand that the economy and the environment are irrefutably connected and that there can be no lasting progress without sustainability. In our view however a clean energy economy is not an obligation but an opportunity, one with far reaching positive effects on generations to come.

We recognize the urgent need to address the climate crisis and the critical role of the private sector in driving this shift by embracing sustainability in their business practices. In keeping with the United States Government’s mandate to leverage all sectors of society in order to tackle the magnitude of environmental and economic issues facing the nation, we continue to further incorporate sustainability across our operations. Further, our whole-of-operations approach to sustainability is in step with the administration’s proposed ‘whole-of-government’ approach to the climate crisis.

As a new beginning however we are in the process of reassessing our operations across the board in order to ensure a strong foundation based on action and more than just intention. We also hope to follow in the precepts of the revitalized Council on Environmental Quality as we continue to improve sustainability across our own and our clients’ operations.

Already we leverage our power as buyers and advisors to purchase fuel with a clean/er footprint and help our clients incorporate effectively and sustainably green fuels in their operations. As such, we offer a range of renewable fuels within our product portfolio including biodiesel, a clean burning alternative to diesel fuel that is derived from plant and/or animal matter; biogas, derived from waste matter; ethanol, derived from grain or sugarcane and blended with gasoline to power motor vehicles; and renewable diesel, an advanced biofuel under the Renewable Fuels Standards (RFS) Program that is produced from biomass materials that not only burns cleaner but is of higher quality and able to withstand cold and storage far better. The increased utilization of these liquid fuels of the future has significant consequence on agriculture and transportation, across land, air and sea, and are a key part of the solution to climate change.

In keeping with the US Government’s goal to achieve a 100% clean energy economy, we also encourage stricter fuel mileage standards for greener and greater economy and assist clients in purchasing verified and permanent carbon offsets across the world as they transition towards carbon neutrality.

Our team of sustainability consultants are experienced experts and help our customers understand the full picture of their carbon footprint across their networks before creating for them a custom solution that is achievable, helps them display climate leadership, inspires their employees and improves the lives of people around the world through access to clean energy and improved health, education and jobs.